Sunday, May 9, 2010

What happens next...?

I've recently been watching a lot of You've Been Framed on YouTube, after rediscovering it while waiting for a Chinese takeaway and laughing very loudly in as everyone else quietly waited.

This one is very funny, but not just because of the many people falling over/hurting themselves/etc, but a set of adverts that run throughout. Well, one advert in particular!

Watch the whole clip, and notice the first advert - all for Revels sweets - and get their message: you don't know what's coming next. This first one isn't very amusing really, but you need to catch their drift. Continue watching the clip...which is here:

[Read this after watching only: I find the banana thing hilarious! To explain, when you blow the candles, you wish for something -the boy wishes he was a banana and it comes true! I think my amusement comes from... so many things! I just hope you get it...I just wasn't expecting it! Nice one Revels, but I still don't like your chocolate!

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  1. not worth the gauntlet of coffee either, euuuurgh!