Monday, March 29, 2010

Books about Dreams...

Hello. Just finished "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis, it being my bed-time reading this last week. Being a student, I have the usual overwhelming to not go to bed until at least 1 am. Having said that, I've never been one to stay up all night, or at least till 4am, just because I can. Sleep is too good for that. Unless it's deadline week.

Over the last Christmas I read "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan. It only now occurs to me that the title of 'Books about Dreams' is indeed very apt - stories about dreams as my bed time reading.

The point of this post is to recommend both to you. Both can be read quite quickly, as 'light' reading, especially if you are reading anything requiring a lot of thought. They are stories, containing interesting and subtly challenging Biblical truths (well, as Lewis admits, his is quite a lot of speculation upon hints the Bible gives us, but thought provoking none the less, and makes one look forward a little bit more to the eternity we have before us).

Both books are however, very thought provoking and worth reading - especially 'PP'. First of all for the admirable knowledge of the Bible that 'Christian' shows and uses in day to day life -something we could all learn from - and secondly the people he meets. I reckon there will be at least one you clearly identify with, and it is very challenging to realise this and be rebuked by 'Christian'....

You can probably buy them pretty cheaply on Amazon too.

Currently reading Spurgeon's 'Praying Successfully'. Strange blurb on the back cover, but very challenging on the inside. So challenging, I picked up Lewis instead! Need to get back into it, as Spurgeon seems to have a talent for asking difficult and challenging questions. Do you know that feeling with a book that you almost don't dare picking it up, because you know you're not going to be allowed to stop without some serious thought and ridding of the 'old self'? Almost like going for a run that you know will be very good for you, but its going to take some work! Am reminded now of another C.S. Lewis remark (maybe in the Weight of Glory essay?) that a school boy will detest learning Greek verbs/whatever for years. But if he pushes on, it will turn into a joy. I really need to grasp this with so many things! Holiness being a primary one, followed by learning the guitar, and getting consistent exercise (of the individual and boring type, another 29 rugby players not that easy to find three times a week).

The only problem with this book recommendation, is that you now have realised the free option of reading this nonsense to send you to sleep...I'm pretty bored by my writing too. Goodnight :)