Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some Questions Christians Are Scared Of...(Tom Price)

Here is some potentially good reading courtesy of Tom Price ( It pretty self explanatory! You might not be 'scared' all or any, but... 1 Peter 3:15 and all that. Keep checking his blog for the 'answers'...

John Newton & Grace

"I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be. I am not what I hope to be in another world, but still I am not what I used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am."
-John Newton

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JJ and the J's @ in the Marquee/FREE Week '09...

Josh. James. Joe. Jethro = Quality music, quality event.

(featuring Benny Maslin on backing vocals -back behind the camera that is!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Juno" Film Discussion...

So, my first event as Events Co-ordinator! We did a film discussion in Palmer, watched the whole film "Juno", which was surprisingly good and a fresh and interesting and funny film. I highly recommend it to anyone with any taste, and recommend Tony Watkins and generally doing a film discussion. The popcorn was really good too.

Here is a quick MSN conversation between myself and Josh John about it, which sums up in part the evening:

Joshy - essay time says:
how was film?
Josh says:
really good film. surprised how much i enjoyed it
Josh says:
good event

Joshy - essay time says:
fair amount of pps?
Josh says:
10+ non c's
Joshy - essay time says:
thats good
Josh says:
at least 4 deep convos at the end
Josh says:
a few off posters and flyers
Joshy - essay time says:
Josh says:
good amount of cu people, dan and elli came on their own, and that worked really well, to make up numbers and talk to people who came on their one
Josh says:
the really tall girl from mojos came
Joshy - essay time says:
i know who you're talkin bout :)
Josh says:
and said the CU wasnt what she expected, and found us welcoming nice, friendly etc, not pushy
Josh says:
good times! just what i was going for
Joshy - essay time says:
thats amazing!
Josh says:
deeks was quality too
Joshy - essay time says:
Joshy - essay time says:
Josh says:
took me to shops, then stayed to help set up, then put himself of welcome and was really good at it!
Josh says:
cos he treats all the same, regardless of cu etc, and makes people feel welcome
Joshy - essay time says:
he is an absolute legend!

Another cool thing was that next door, the new RUSU TV station was filming a quiz, and we got be be a good witness to them , but agreeing to move rooms just before we started, so as not to interrupt their recording process because of being able to hear other rooms in Palmer. And, made some friends there, so maybe we can get them in on some events! Pray about this...

And there you have it! A great event, my first as Events Co-ordinator. Though I didn't really have to do much, thanks to Tony Watkins, Rachel P, Sonia A and Chris D. God seems to be doing cool stuff here in in people, and a few minor setbacks were easily overcome. I would write more, but short and sweet is probably better. You get the idea- answered prayer, a well attended event, people closer on their way to hearing and accepting the gospel, and misconceptions about the CU destroyed. Praise the Lord!

Hopefully more where this came from soon, Tony is really up for doing more which is great. Laters guys...

Ps Check out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blogging attempt 2...and a memory of FREE Week...

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Hello once again...sometime in the future i'll get round to summarising RUCU's FREE Week and the amazing-ness of God before, throughout, and after. I couldnt say which rates highest really, or which to emphasis more. In was, and continues to be good.

Just downloaded an amazing little application I orginally heard about from John Young, a fresher at Reading, and then Jethro Atherall, a good friend and fellow RUCU second year. It's called 'Spotify', and with it you can stream ANY song live, and best of all, its LEGAL! I may never have to buy music again...this thing was made for Christian students I'm sure.

That reminds me of a great quote Tom Riches told us at an RFC men's breakfast a while back, that we "are not students who happen to be Christians, but Christians who happen to be students" which he got off someone a few years before.

Via Spotify stubbled across a great album a teammate of mine in India had -an album of U2 covers by American (it think, mostly) Christian bands, including a Delirious?/Tree63 cover of 'Pride' which, I have to say, is almost as good as the original. I really like it...go check it out. [In the Name of Love, 2004, Artists United for Africa]

I digress: I felt a good way to get 'back' to blogging -assuming I was some kind of presence here in the first place- was to share a quality little thing that challenged me at approximatly 9am the (miraculously) frosty morning that the FREE marquee went up.

After aging 3 years the previous morning as the marquee guys turned up, and being told we couldn't put the marquee where the Uni had said it was ok to, and coming close to having to cancel the whole week, a few little miracles resulted in the marquee going up the next day behind Mojos/the Student Union, not a bad location at all.

I arrived at half 7 to pray over the site before the Marquee guys arrived, and was joined by Peter Harley, Lee Burgess, and 'Benny' Maslin, who had kindly volunteered to come help put the marquee up faster than the four Sandhurst marquee chaps could.

At a pause in our activity (putting up marquees is really easy btw!), we observed a student came riding up on a small BMX bike, and stopped on the patio area behind mojo's. He moved all the tables to the sides, and began to practice tricks and jumps silently and devotedly. Someone commented on how 'sad' it was, but it really struck me- this guy had got up on saturday, when everyone else was asleep, when he would normally have been sleeping, and come from his house outside campus, moved obstacles out of his way, so he could be alone and free to do the thing he loved, getting better at what he did and more in tune with how the bike handled. Now...when was the last time I got up early in the morning, went to a quiet place, moved heavy obstacles and put in physical effort, and read my Bible and prayed? Isn't that what I claim to be most important to me? Isn't that what I say that I love doing most? But when did I last show that kind of commitment to God and made such an effort to be with Him and learn about him? I can't recall... and He deserves better. He far did more than moving tables for me...